About Us

Increasing research and clinical evidence suggests that there are inter-relationships, commonly referred to as ‘links’, between the abuse of children, vulnerable adults and animals. A better understanding of these links can help to protect victims, both human and animal, and promote their welfare.

Key achievements to date:

  • More referral between professions
  • First successful RSPCA prosecution in Non Accidental Injury
  • First successful Scottish SPCA prosecution in Non Accidental Injury
  • Recognising abuse in animals and humans, giving advice to veterinary surgeons and other veterinary employees
  • Veterinary undergraduate training
  • The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has added an annexe to the Guide to Professional Conduct providing advice on breaching confidentiality in certain circumstances
  • Pet Fostering Services are more widespread
  • Understanding the Links” leaflet giving advice to professionals and available from the NSPCC

The Links Group aims to raise awareness of the ‘links’ to all professionals in the hope that agencies will work together to help prevent related cases from going undetected. As such, the Group is proactively drawing attention to this issue which has, until recently, been under-reported. What’s more, the member organisations are working closely together to suggest ways in which the ‘links’ could be incorporated more fully into overall working practice.