Paws Protect

Paws Protect is Cats Protection’s temporary cat fostering service for people fleeing domestic abuse. We recognise that for many people experiencing abuse, pets cat be a massive barrier to leaving. We exist to enable people to flee to safety with the peace of mind that their beloved cats are safe, and then to reunite them with their owner once again. The whole service is free and confidential, run by an experience female-only team.


We provide a pet fostering service in Devon and Cornwall so that victims of domestic violence and abuse can escape to access safety and support before being reunited with their pets. Often individuals and families escaping violent and abusive relationships are unable to take their much loved pets with them. In many cases this will stop people from leaving. With domestic violence and abuse being one of the most significant public health concerns that we experience in the UK, combined with the fact that over half of all households have pets this is a vital service! We foster dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles, rabbits and small furries such as hamsters. Our pet foster carers are volunteers who are committed to caring for animals and are carefully recruited to make sure they offer the best possible temporary foster homes. We understand that victims / survivors of domestic violence and abuse often have to leave with nothing which is why all of the pets that we foster receive vet treatment that they need, food and bedding paid for by us.

Help4Wales Foundation

Help4Wales Foundation offer a temporary animal fostering service within Wales supporting victims of domestic abuse to access services. We take referrals from the supporting agencies and match each pet to a suitable foster home where they are cared for. Each pet has a full health check and veterinary treatment such as flea, worm and microchipping if required. Help4Wales cover all essential items and keep in regular contact with the owner during the placement.