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Jacqui Kilburn

Jacqui Kilburn

Jacqui is Head of Training and Education at Women’s Aid Federation, England.

Prior to this, her career for almost 30 years was at the operational level in direct domestic abuse services, managing refuges, developing outreach services and operating strategically across the city of Hull. 

Jacqui is also a qualified practice teacher for undergraduate and postgraduate Social Work students.

Jacqui was key in the creation of a new multi-agency team in Hull, working from one office, with a Specialist DA Police Unit, Children’s Social Workers, Housing Officers, Health Practitioners and Specialist Support workers, which she went on to co-manage. 

 Jacqui supported Her Majesty’s Inspectorate for the Constabulary (HMIC) with inspecting some of their 43 police force areas, which resulted in a recommendation to deliver face-to-face training on domestic abuse and coercive control to all front-line officers.  

 Jacqui is also qualified to chair Domestic Homicide Reviews.

What Our Attendees Say

The speaker's presentation was incredibly impactful. It truly opened my eyes to the importance of recognising and addressing the link between animal and human abuse. The Links Group's mission is now something I deeply support.

Attending this event was a game-changer for me. The insights shared by the speaker were both enlightening and motivating. I left feeling empowered to make a difference in my community.

'Even though I ask the question on the DASH form regarding animal abuse, I feel more confident how to respond’.

‘I thought it was brilliantly presented and one of the most worthwhile training sessions I have ever attended’.

‘Whilst the sharing of real scenarios from survivors' experiences was confronting and difficult to hear, it really cemented the knowledge and research you were providing’.