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Laura Saunders photo

Laura Saunders BSc (Hons)

Freedom Project Manager

Laura leads the Freedom Project at Dogs Trust, a specialist dog fostering service for survivors of domestic abuse, operating across England, Scotland and Wales.

Laura has extensive experience supporting the behaviour of dogs within the rescue environment, specialising in the rehabilitation of dogs within kennels and foster homes.

Laura oversees the care and behavioural support of around 150 dogs cared for by the Freedom Project and holds both a 1st class BSc (Hons) in Applied Behavioral Science and Welfare and a Certificate of Higher Education in Companion Animal Welfare and Behavioural rehabilitation.

Laura has been supporting survivors and their pets for almost 6 years, ensuring that both owners and their dogs are supported to safety.

What Our Attendees Say

The speaker's presentation was incredibly impactful. It truly opened my eyes to the importance of recognising and addressing the link between animal and human abuse. The Links Group's mission is now something I deeply support.

Attending this event was a game-changer for me. The insights shared by the speaker were both enlightening and motivating. I left feeling empowered to make a difference in my community.

'Even though I ask the question on the DASH form regarding animal abuse, I feel more confident how to respond’.

‘I thought it was brilliantly presented and one of the most worthwhile training sessions I have ever attended’.

‘Whilst the sharing of real scenarios from survivors' experiences was confronting and difficult to hear, it really cemented the knowledge and research you were providing’.