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Paddi Vint with her Boxer dog.

Paddi Vint

NSPCC Helpline Developments and Quality Manager

I am a Development and Quality Manager on the NSPCC Helpline and manage a team of Domestic Abuse Practise Advisors

Prior to joining the NSPCC 8 years ago, I worked as a Hospital Play Specialist for 4 years in the Royal Belfast Hospital for sick Children specialising in surgical procedures.  British Forces Early Years inspector, carrying out Ofsted accredited inspections in Germany and Cyprus. Then as a Family Support worker and manager in Birkenhead Wirral supporting woman and their children who experienced domestic abuse.

My current role has been to develop the capability and capacity of the NSPCC Helpline in responding to domestic abuse in a trauma-informed manner, we have done this by developing a training package for all NSPCC Helpline staff, creating thematic guidance, reviewing policy and ensuring that learning and information is shared in the creation of videos and podcasts available to all members of the public.

I am passionate about identifying the impact domestic abuse has not only on the survivor but also on their children. I have been happy to represent the NSPCC at the DAC roundtable events looking at improving the picture for children and young people effected by domestic abuse.

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The speaker's presentation was incredibly impactful. It truly opened my eyes to the importance of recognising and addressing the link between animal and human abuse. The Links Group's mission is now something I deeply support.

Attending this event was a game-changer for me. The insights shared by the speaker were both enlightening and motivating. I left feeling empowered to make a difference in my community.

'Even though I ask the question on the DASH form regarding animal abuse, I feel more confident how to respond’.

‘I thought it was brilliantly presented and one of the most worthwhile training sessions I have ever attended’.

‘Whilst the sharing of real scenarios from survivors' experiences was confronting and difficult to hear, it really cemented the knowledge and research you were providing’.