Our Story

Over 20 years ago, following the publication of groundbreaking research which established the link between the battered partner or child and the battered pet, a conference called ‘Forging the Link’ was held to unveil and discuss this incredibly concerning issue.

The result was the formation of The Links Group by a group of concerned professionals from across the veterinary, animal welfare, domestic abuse, medical and child protection sectors. Their aim was to train every profession linked by this horrific, yet often hidden problem, to recognise and act on concerns, cross reporting where needed to ensure all vulnerable members of a household were protected.

In 2021, The Links Group was established as a CIO, adopting the vision of a world free from the abuse of people and animals and the mission to raise awareness of the link between the abuse of people and animals through support, training and inter-agency working. The charity is governed by a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Board of Trustees, who are all volunteers.